Volos (Greek: Βόλος) is a port city on the east coast of the Greek mainland, situated midway between Athens and Thessaloniki. It is the capital of the wonderful region of Magnesia.

Modern Volos is a relatively new and vibrant city. It is mainly built on the area of the ancient city of Iolcus. Iolcus was the homeland of the mythical ancient Greek hero, Jason. This is also where he and the Argonauts began their voyage on their ship, the Argo, in search of the Golden Fleece. A replica of the Argo can be seen on the waterfront of Volos.

The waterfront consists of a car-free promenade, lined with an exceptional number of café-bars, restaurants and ouzeri/tsipouradika (place to have ouzo/tsipouro with mezes). Summertime evenings spent on the waterfront are particularly enjoyable, as you can take a pleasantly warm stroll along the promenade. From there, you can see the lights of Pelion villages (such as Makrinitsa and Portaria) perched up on the mountain, as well as those of other villages along the Pagasitikos Gulf. You will also find yourself walking alongside the numerous sailing boats and private yachts that dock there.

During the daytime, you can visit the Volos Archeological Museum, which contains many interesting findings from the Bronze Age to the Hellenistic period. You can also buy a last-minute necessity or a holiday souvenir in Volos' shopping area, where you will find a variety of internationally-known and local shops.


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